In this picture you can get a good look at the openness of my home and the rich color of blue I used on my accent wall.

New Years 2023!!

This of course is the after.. and I’ll have to save the exact color for another blog because like always , I am not prepared .. This is the before look which is the same as every other wall 🤦🏼‍♀️ color Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams Who’s ready for the New Year???

 I have always been excited to see what new trends come with the New Year ! This year the color schemes are starting to change a little. I can remember yrs ago using a lot of deep colors in my home. Then came the lighter pastel shades then on to stark white and neutrals. This year look for more moody neutral tones. After all one of the top colors of 2022 was Tricorn Black.  Look for deeper greens , grays, blues, blush pinks to deep violets like Magenta .  I love color… but I feel on the neutral wagon myself. My house was painted light French gray (which I do love) about 4 yrs ago. Since then  I’ve been dying to do something bold. my inner Cosmetologist just can’t help it .. so this past summer I made an accent wall in my dining area. My living, dining, foyer is all one open space. So it added just the right punch of color. (I’ll add a before and after photo at the bottom.) I played the rest of my home decor off of that one deep blue color using  vintage metals with modern and contemporary pieces.  The use of lamps and Flameless candles by Luminara (can be found on our website) to give off that dark moody vibe. I love to add a regular candle to give my house that smell of HOME !  So get ready to paint and redecorate and for heavens sake … Use some color!!! 

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